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About Ballycumber Books

Meet the Owner 

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Hello Fellow Readers!


My name is Kara Frey and Ballycumber Books is my new small business venture. 

I am an avid & passionate reader and love all things 'bookish'; from books, to home décor, to apparel. I consider my love for literature in everything I do; thus, Ballycumber Books became my vision!


I am a senior high English teacher and my classroom is where I am able to share my love for literature and my book nerdiness with my students. 


This year, I have moved back to my hometown and want to be able to share my love for reading, books and the literary way of life with my community. 


Upon moving back to my hometown, I realized that there were few options for local book purchasing and wanted to move away from ordering from the largest online retailer available today. My love for Indie bookstores and supporting Canadian vendors led me to the conclusion that I would just need to start my own business to pursue my passions and support others that I believe in.


I want to invest in my community where I will be spending the rest of my life and raising my children in. I know that I want to teach my own children the importance of books and reading and hope I can share this with the upcoming generations and locals. 


I am a firm believer that individuals need access to books in order to be a reader. This is what I hope to provide to my supporters (as well as bookish giftware!). 


Happy shopping and thank you for your support 📚

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